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good morning, america. and this morning, four more years. after the most intense, expensive, and closely fought campaign in history, president obama triumphs. >> we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts, that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. [ cheers and applause ] >> the president seals his victory with crucial wins across the battlegrounds. a bitter loss for governor romney, met by grace. >> this is a time of great challenges for america. and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. congress, still deadlocked. republicans win the house, democrats, the senate. our powerhouse political team on
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what the next four years means for your family, your job, and your future. "gma's" special coverage of election 2012 starts, right now. and good morning to all of viewers in the west waking up on this first election morning. want to say hello to robin at home. elizabeth vargas is with us here. and boy, what a night. >> what a night indeed. >> president obama secures a second term with a surprisingly sweeping victory. the president said he learned from and listened to those who did not vote for him. there he is on stage last night, savoring the victory with his family. >> his daughters flew out after school yesterday to be there with him.
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here are the final numbers. the electoral college. 303 votes for president obama, 206 for governor romney. the popular vote is still being counted today. president obama with about 60 million votes right now. governorromney, about 57 million. >> a lot of controversial issues out there. right now, let's get to matthew dowd. this is the number we were talking about yesterday. the president was more in tune with the changing america. you see that number, 72%. that was the share of the vote last night held by whites. four years ago, it was 74%. that's exactly what president obama predicted. >> and not long ago, it was 90%. this is a changing america, which makes it a changing electorate. that's the thing that president obama was able to tap into. single women, younger voters. but the lower number of white
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voters. that's what really, mitt romney, couldn't overcome on election day. what's happened with republicans, the republican party is a "mad men" party in a "modern family" america. and it just doesn't fit any more. >> and it all came out last flight. another thing we saw yesterday. the president had a bit of a wind at his back at the end of the day. we look at these numbers. are the country on the wrong track. in august, it was above 60%. a year ago, 77%. people think, believe we are making progress. >> you combine this with -- in june, to the obama can't win. and 20 points higher on election day. you combine that with what the electorate looked like and this number. president obama was able to squeak out a small, but very convincing victory. >> that was built on decent economic news that built up. the president combined a smart strategy.
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>> and it worked very well. these two things put mitt romney at a disadvantage he could not overcome. >> matthew dowd, thank you very much. the president and his wife and two daughters spent election night in chicago with their you extended family. the crowd screaming when the president took the stage with the first lady to give his victory speech. it was well past 1:30 in the morning east coast time when that happened. jake tapper was there. he's there this morning. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it was a grueling grind of a campaign. but after almost 180,000 flight miles on air force one, 170 events by the president in battleground states. and hundreds of thousands of nasty, tnegative ads on both sides, early this morning, it all came to an end with some grace and some poetry. it was a victory that came earlier than many expected. >> i want to thank every american who participated in this election.
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whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time. [ cheers and applause ] by the way, we have to fix that. >> reporter: the outcome became clear before midnight, as the president's mid western firewall fell into the "o" column. wisconsin, ohio and iowa. >> barack obama has been re-elected. >> reporter: he and first lady michelle obama rejoiced with the vice president and his wife and other friends and family. the president, giving a special thank you to the first lady. >> and i wouldn't be the man i am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago. [ cheers and applause ] let me say this publicly. michelle, i have never loved you more. i have never been prouder to
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watch the rest of america fall in love with you, too, as our nation's first lady. >> reporter: the president tweeted to his supporters, we're all in this together. that's how we campaigned. and that's who we are. crowds rejoiced in times square. outside the white house. in chicago. but not so much at the headquarters for mitt romney in boston, where bystanders said, you could hear a pin drop, as the networks called the election for president obama. reports last night that governor romney was so confident in his victory, he had only written one speech beforehand, a victory speech. >> like so many of you, paul and i have left everything on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. [ cheers and applause ] i so wish -- i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction.
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>> reporter: but in the end, it was not even close. obama won even those outstanding battlegrounds, like virginia, nevada. >> i just spoke with governor romney. and we may have battled fiercely. but it's only because we love this country deeply. >> reporter: so, george, the question, now, what now? and president obama has said that he will reach out to republican leaders. he wants to meet with mitt romney. he even last night reached out to romney voters. where are some areas of compromise? perhaps tax reform. perhaps immigration reform. we'll see in the days ahead. george? >> that's right. that's going start right away. jake tapper, thank you very much. as you mentioned, it was a very different scene in boston last night. you could see the shock and sadness on the faces of governor romney's supporters. he made his own gracious speech. david muir has been covering governor romney from the start. boy, you looked at the faces last night, david. you saw his campaign team. they really believed in their theory of the case. they thought they could win this. >> reporter: yeah.
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no question, george. in fact, they were very emotional afterwards, some of his senior team, as they were leaving here, after that concession speech. and we were hearing in the final days about the ground game, vastly outperforming mccain's ground game four years ago. and how they were performing with independents in their own internal polling. late in the game, they thought they had strength in pennsylvania. the last thing that was telling, was that last midnight campaign flight, the trip to the final rally in new hampshire was under way, a senior adviser telling me, it's all going to come down to the economy. the 7.9% unemployment rate. and people in the end are going to vote for romney. i was diving into the exit polls. and romney only beat president obama by one point on trust of handling the economy. but on the bigger issue of empathy, understanding my economical props, -- problems,
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the president won by ten points. that was the deciding factor, george. >> is there any second-guessing you can detect among the romney team about his strategy? >> reporter: well, you heard him in that concession speech saying that paul ryan and he left everything on the field. he has said that of this campaign, saying we left nothing in this locker room. and think as they look back at this, they're going to look at some of the biggest missteps as self-inflicted. there was the tape about the 47%, the comments. then, there was that first debate. it didn't come up in the first debate. they had momentum. even in the final days, the campaign thought he might have turned it around in that denver debate. different story, though, this morning, george. >> david muir, thank you very much. as we said, this tense race came down to the crucial battleground states. we heard all along how important ohio would be. ohio put him over the top. in florida, however, they are still counting the votes. florida, another battleground state. that's where abc's cecilia vega is this morning, in tampa. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: hey, elizabeth. good morning to you guys, back in new york. what an unbelievably long night it has been out here. they are still counting ballots this morning. we still don't know what the results are here in this state.
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some 200,000 ballots to be counted. president obama, in the votes so far that have been calculated, holds a slight lead above governor romney. about 45,000 votes so far. the long lines that we saw here in the state, leading up to election day, persisted even yesterday. there were reports as of election day of some voters still standing in line at 2:00 in the morning, waiting to cast their ballots in miami-dade. the long lines stretched down the blocks, made for angry voters. coupled with absentee ballots, means that poll workers are back at it again this morning. we should know the results later today. election officials promising every, single vote will be counted. >> what a marathon. cecilia vega. thank you so much. florida has 29 electoral votes at stake. >> a lot still out there. >> those are still out there. >> coming into this yesterday, we talked about the importance of the women's vote. it was just as important as we
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thought. we're going to bring in our powerhouse team. donna brazile, who ran al gore's campaign in 2000. nicolle wallace, and cokie roberts. don narks donna, let me begin with you. the gender gap is still real. president obama won with women overall, a little over 11 points over governor romney. but look at this second number. this is the number of single women, nonmarried women. blowout for president obama. 67% for the president, 31% for romney. the president's campaign tarted those young women from the start? >> they invested in this important demographic group. they understood these women wanted to hear an economic message. president obama, his first signature act as president, signed the lilly ledbetter pay equity act. they targeted the women on health care, on reproductive rights. at the end of the day, this was part of the larger coalition. the coalition of the faithful. people that believe that president obama will provide the decisive leadership. but also, a coalition of the hopeful.
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people who believe that president obama will bring people together, as well. >> and nicolle wallace, we just heard david muir say, no second-guessing among the romney team as of yet. republicans looking at numbers like this, they have to be thinking, what are we going to do in the future? >> women aren't an interest group to be targeted. they're more than half the country. your message has to be -- we're the deciders, if you will. if your message doesn't work with women, you can't win a national election. so, republicans have to do more than fine-tune the message to women. they have to look at the substance they were campaigning on. mitt romney made a bet that it was the economy, the economy, the economy. but it wasn't just due to being a competent manager of the economy. it was viewed as someone who understood how terribly painful it is, that empathy that he wasn't able to tap into. despite a stellar first debate performance, that just wasn't enough. >> and talking about the economic message for women. it was broader. the president focusing on a lot
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of social issues that were at play through this entire election. >> and he was helped by that in some republican senate candidates that made some statements that were unfortunate for their campaigns, in terms of rape and such things. even among married women, in some ways that's a more significant number. democrats always do very well with unmarried women. that message was strong government role gets to them. but married women voted for obama by eight points more than married men. and they're in pretty much the same economic situation. that's where the social issues really did play out. >> thank you very much. and we know, george, that social media played a huge role in this election this year. as it has for everybody's life in general. it broke records last night. stay in line was a top twitter trend, much of the night, as
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many people urged voters to stay in line, hang in there. josh elliott was at the stations and comes here over our big electoral board with all that was going on in the social universe last night. >> the first campaign begun and ended in the twitter age. a lot of people being urged to stay in line, including someone whose name rhymes with donna brazile. there were over 31 million tweets last night. the most tweeted about event in u.s. political history. perhaps no surprise there. but almost 328,000 tweets per minute when president obama was projected to win the election. it beat the last record holder by over 20 million. that was in the first presidential debate by president obama and governor romney. and take a look at a tweet that could go down as the most retweeted in history. it was barack obama's simple accounting of history last night.
7:15 am
four more years, with a period. that equals 16 characters. by my math, he had 124 characters left. what a picture those three words, telling so much of the story. george? >> josh, thanks very much. let's go to abc's jon karl right now to talk about the house and the senate, also on the ballot last night. republicans are going to stay in control of the house. one of the surprises last night, democrats, firmly in control of the senate. >> reporter: basically, the bottom line here, you have a congress that's more deeply divided than the one we just had. but the senate, this is a story of missed republican opportunities and losses. let's look at some of the big races. in massachusetts, the most closely watched senate race in the country, elizabeth warren, a big victory over scott brown, the republican. in indiana, a solidly republican seat for 36 years, democratic joe donnelly beats mourdock. mourdock was the republican candidate who made the
7:16 am
controversial comments about rape and abortion. going again, missouri, this was the best chance to defeat an incumbent. claire mccaskill, she beats todd akin. again, controversial comments about rape. virginia, two incumbents facing off, tim kaine beats george allen. and in wisconsin, the first openly gay member of the senate coming in, tammy baldwin beating tommy thompson. it now looks like in the senate anyway, the democrats will gain as many as two seats. and the only two we're waiting for are montana, where the republicans hope to win, but they are trailing right now, and north dakota, another place. >> another bottom line. more women in the senate than ever before. >> reporter: 19 right now. 20 if the democrats win in north dakota. >> getting close to the country being reflected. >> john boehner remains speaker of the house. >> that's right, republican john
7:17 am
boehner does remain speaker of the house. >> jon karl, thanks very much. the other huge story developing right now, that nor'easter heading right for the east coast, bringing snow, high winds and a new wallop in the areas hit by hurricane sandy. sam, you were out there last week. this one's coming now. >> all eyes are rightfully focused on what is this storm. moving into an area that's been pounded by a really large storm. this may be a garden-variety nor'easter, but it carries with it very cold air. watch this low get into position and get into place. we'll freeze it at the critical times. it starts with a rain and snow mix in d.c. and in philly and new york city. but by 5:00 a.m. on thursday, here's what we're looking at. right around coastal areas, we're hoping for a changeover to rain here. that means it will knock down the snow totals. you won't be able to measure this as a big snow event on the coast. but inland areas will continue to pile up with the snow. watch that low continue to pull away, and know that this is a mixture of snow and rain, right along the coast. all snow inland and a little coastal surf along the shoreline. it's tough enough to ride out a nor'easter in areas like the far
7:18 am
rockaways when you have everything you need. but without homes and without clothes and without food, it's very difficult. and ginger zee is there. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, sam. it's already cold and windy. it's uncomfortable at this point. but once the storm comes, the coastal surge, up to four feet, will just be a little lemon juice in the cut that they have. and on top of it, you have the rain and snow mix. this is what i'm most concerned about. we'll have wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. you see this piece of wood with nails sticking out, there's piles and piles of debris everywhere. and i think wind gusts tonight will be the biggest issue in the coastal areas. sam? >> ginger, i think you've drawn it out perfectly, so people know what to expect, particularly for the coastal areas. that don't have the protection. now, check out inland areas. i think these will be snowfall totals we can approach here. one to three in allentown. new york city, right near the one to three line. and three to six inches of snow. you won't be able to measure it all at one time. particularly in the coastal areas.
7:19 am
we're hoping we get a little water down with this. in the west, we at the same time have a brand-new system. we'll get into that later throughout the morning.
7:20 am
>> most of the country should get ready for cold weather. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. to josh, elizabeth, george, lara? >> all right, sam, thank you so much. coming up on "gma," the next four years. what president obama's re-election means for you and your wallet. will you have to pay more taxes? we'll get to that in a moment. and the lighter side of this election. the political punchlines and last laughs overnight. plus, we'll talk to eva longoria. >> how hard was that? ♪
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>> prop 30 approved governor browns's measure to raise tack . the measure will i am pose a quarter is sales tax and raise income taxes for people
7:25 am
earning $250,000 or more winning by eight percentage points. sue is following the commute. still trouble on 24 eastbound you can see in this live shot, kind of hazy, westbound slow good news all but one lane reopened eastbound they are working on that they still have a "sig alert" in effect elsewhere. the way around that now would be eastbound 580 or eastbound 80 to eastbound highway 4. that's the only major problem westbound continues slow towards the caldecott from 680. >> when we come back mike and
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clouds and fog below mount tamalpais causing flight arrival delays into sfo. dry air now tomorrow at this time rain. fog still thickest in the north bay, half mile in santa rosa and napa 3/
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because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions. and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be, the united states of america. and together, with your help and god's grace -- >> president obama firing up an ecstatic crowd last night in chicago. they were his supporters. he was talking about healing the divisions of this country. that was the hope of his first term. it is the challenge of his second term, these next four years. good morning, america. good morning to robin roberts, at home. elizabeth vargas here with us, the morning after the election. >> a long night for you and the entire election team last night. it was a bigger victory than anyone anticipated. but the comedians are weighing
7:31 am
in. they've had a field day this election season. and coming up, we're going to get the latest on their takes. not just on the election. but on the winners. >> relief, to be sure. but also, they are one-half of the first family. the president's two daughters, now, getting ready to spend four more years in the intense spotlight that comes with living in the white house. already growing up there. we'll look at what's ahead for malia and sasha. teens in the spotlight. the president pointing out that he thinks that one dog is still more than enough. >> they won't get another dog. >> lovely, young ladies, indeed they are. coming up, franken food, marijuana, g marijuana, gramatic mistakes. >> franken food? >> i'll explain. we want to get to the challenge of president obama's second term.
7:32 am
we want to bring jon karl back. democrats in control of the senate. republicans in control of the house. president obama, in control of the white house. the question this time around, will they be able to work together? >> that is exactly the question. and, george, if you look at it right now, there's absolutely no time for a period for a second term honeymoon. in fact, if you look at it, he faces a deeply divided congress, perhaps even more divided than before. and a series of problems that have been put off for the election, that demand immediate attention. president obama has his second term. >> i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever, about the work there is to do and the future of the lives ahead. >> reporter: as talk of the election fades, there's growing rumors of a looming crisis, taxmageddon. >> taxmageddon. >> reporter: to steer clear of the so-called fiscal cliff, president obama, house speaker john boehner, and senate
7:33 am
majority leader, harry reid, will have to strike an agreement on tax and spending cuts, where virtually every american household will see a bigger chunk of their income go to the irs, starting on january 1st. aspiring tax cuts will hit the middle class hard. a $3,500 tax hike for the average family making $70,000 a year. and president obama will have to find replacements for two of his most important cabinet secretaries. >> i think after 20 years, it would probably be a good idea to find out how tired i am. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary, time geithner, have both said they are leaving shortly after the first of the year. he also faces challenges, none bigger than iran. and, george, my thoughts -- >> it's me. >> elizabeth, excellent. the big issue is going to be the
7:34 am
economy. >> it is. >> and those tax cuts. that happens immediately. let's pick up where you left off, jon. those tax cuts, taxmageddon, as people called it in your piece, are going to be a big issue. 90% of american families facing one of the biggest tax cuts they ever faced at the end of the year. let's bring in matthew dowd, martha raddatz, and liz ann sonders. what are the chances, president obama, with this divided congress, and divided country, really. we talked about 48% in the red column, and 48% in the blue column. what are the chances a deal will be reached? >> that's the situation that followed. there's an even bigger issue that divides the division and you say in the country. it's not only politically.
7:35 am
but it's demographically divides in this country. we can't solve those problems until the divisions are bridged. the president has to work on the means of governing first. how does he fix the means of governing? it's broken now and dysfunctional. we have to fix the divisions first. >> liz ann, when we talk about tax cuts of this size all expiring in less than two months, what kind of impact can this have, regardless of the -- president obama wants to keep tax cuts on lower-earning americans. but no matter what, we're looking at a major change in income taxes. >> both sides have put markers out before the election. and speaker boehner yesterday did say that he was not going to give, i think, senate democrats are not going to give. i think on the major piece of it, which are the bush tax cuts, we're going to fight this to the bitter end. i think there is low-hanging fruit. that would be the patch to the alternative minimum tax.
7:36 am
that's on the nearer term to get fixed. the spending cuts on the table, we'll have solutions there. maybe the hit overall of this fiscal cliff,as it's called, may not be as big as the total. it will be a portion. the problem is, we don't have a lot of cushion in the economy. >> while president obama did win a bigger victory than a lot of people had anticipated, a lot of voters expressing a lot of unhappiness with the state of the economy. >> again, no question. we don't have much of a cushion. and ultimately what might happen, we may go into the beginning of the year with the expiration happening and the next congress will go making it ret retroactive. >> i want to ask you about secretary of state. hillary clinton saying she will be leaving. the whole issue with iran. >> the biggest issue. >> ramifications everywhere. who are the two top contenders to replace her? >> i would say right now, it's
7:37 am
senator john kerry from massachusetts. but there are some issues there. do the democrats want to give up that senate seat? so, we'll have to stay tuned for john kerry. and also, u.n. ambassador susan rice, who got into some trouble over libya and with what happened with libya. that's also in question. those are the two, top candidates. but we have to wait and see how the issues play out. >> in the meantime, the libya issue has been overhanging this election. allegations of a, quote, massive cover-up, by senator john mccain, about this administration's real refusal to put to rest this issue, before voting day. >> they didn't want to talk about it. everybody tried to pin them down on that. they did not want to talk about it. i think a lot of those questions will probably get cleared up with an investigation that's now going on. and there will probably be hearings, as well. >> and iran's huge. what we're going to do to that country and how we're going to handle that ongoing threat. >> iran is huge. you heard the israelis say there's only a small amount of
7:38 am
time, maybe several months, before they could strike iran. i think president obama, what you see now, is president obama doing everything he can to avoid war there. >> boy. that's going to be a big issue. lots on president obama's plate for the next four years. liz, matt, martha, always good to have you here. let's check in with sam with a look, again, at the nor'easter threatening the entire east coast. >> good morning, elizabeth. we're going to atlantic city. the waves are tough. we got almost a 40-degree temperature. high 30s. we have a 20-mile-per-hour, 30-mile-per-hour gust there. as the storm moves up the coastline, it's hitting a rather unprotected coastline with its powerful waves and rain and even a little bit of snow. let's break it down and show you who gets what. coastal areas will see the coastal flooding. we're looking at maybe four feet. that wouldn't be a big deal normally. if you don't have beach protection, that is going to be a big deal in flooded coastal areas. the area in blue will be all rain, that includes all the way into boston.
7:39 am
we have a big mix area. washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york city, even albany. i'll draw it up right here. those lower parts are mixed with rain and snow. then, it will go to snow. northern areas with a little elevation will get all snow out of this system. a quick look at the warmth. l.a., 76 degrees. midland, houston, dallas, beautiful warm temperatures. this warm air move >> more of america's weather in the next half hour. elizabeth? >> sam, thank you so much. and coming up, the political punch lines. the jokes and jabs that have all of us laughing this entire campaign season. you'll see them right ahead.
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7:42. and, boy, the late-night comedians were at it again. they have not disappointed. piling on the jabs, the jokes, as the returns came in overnight. they were on for hours, just like george and our political team. but with a slightly different take on it all. >> america has elected its first
7:44 am
black president for a historic first second time. >> reporter: call it the comedic counterpoint for all of the political punditry. >> president obama is only half black. it's possible in his second term, he will be white. >> two years, $3 billion, and we're clearly in the same [ bleep ] place we were when it started. >> reporter: as the results poured in, comedians on cable poured it on. providing hours of alternative election coverage. and while the real president was addressing the nation from chicago, comedy central was delivering a slightly funnier acceptance speech. >> good evening, my fellow americans. i want to thank you for your continued faith in my ability -- that's my anger translator, luther. all of your votes were crucial in this victory. >> white folks that voted for
7:45 am
me, you're honorary black people. >> reporter: taking a cue, "the daily show" beamed in a hologram george washington. it's been a really ugly election this year. mostly negative campaigning. half the country hates the other half of the country. >> i always feared this country would have a civil war. i'm just glad it took this long. >> sure. that's how long it took. >> come tomorrow, some of you will be elated. and some of you will be crushed. for some, it will be like christmas morning. for others, like the fifth night of hanukkah. or so my writers tell me. >> we won, dog. >> i told you, i don't want you doing it wrong. you got to get it right. if you're going to do it. god bless america. >> that's right. >> i told you, homeboy, you can't touch this. >> oh, boy. finding the fun. and coming up, more with josh and a special election
7:46 am
edition of "play of the day." and eva longoria. she was out working so hard on the campaign trail for president obama. and she joins us live this morning.nnouncer ] what's in of del monte green beans? ♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life.
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i might want to keep the trumpets. >> it's fancy. >> not bad. it is fancy. we've been showing you all morning long, the enthusiasm. that was the scene at times square last night. honored to be a part of it all. and the raucous delirium, when they called this for president obama. i don't think there was anyone more excited about performing his or her civic duty, than one harrison holgov. the only catch for harrison, he's just 4 years old. take a look. >> why are you upset? >> because i really, really want to vote. >> why can't you vote? >> because i'm not 18 years old.
7:51 am
>> how does it make you feel? >> really -- >> it does? >> i feel so bad. >> a right, a privilege and better than dessert. we'll see you in 2028. coming up, eva longoria.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. more on how california voters decided major state ballot issues. they defeated prop 34 which would have repealed the death penalty and replaced with it life in prison without parole. and rejected prop 32 which would restrict labor groups to deduct money from paychecks to pay for political campaigns. >> still cloudy, flight arrival delays into sfo no rain on the radar now, there will be tomorrow morning. from 10 to 5 tease° cooler, closer to average -- 10 to 15 he -- cooler closer to
7:57 am
average. accident at lincoln cleared to the right lane. we still have that accident eastbound 24 in orinda big rig blocking one lane the rest of the lanes are getting by now.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. and this morning, four more years. president obama triumphs. >> we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts, that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> the president seals his victory with crucial wins across the battlegrounds. a bitter loss for governor romney, met by grace. >> this is a time of great challenges for america. and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> our powerhouse political team on what the next four years means for your family, your job, and your future. "gma's" special coverage of election 2012 starts, right now.
8:01 am
our crowd out there in times square this morning. not quite as many people as were out there last night. as we look at them, let's listen to a little bruce springsteen, "we take care of our own." that had become the anthem of the obama campaign in the closing days. he was out there on the trail, the last three big rallies with president obama. and the president playing it last night at his victory celebration. good morning to you all. let's all say hello to robin. >> hey, robin. >> good morning. >> we miss you. >> and, josh, there's the crowd from times square, with you last night. >> the pandemonium, as it builds, really. about 10:00 p.m. eastern, those streets flooded. what a remarkable scene. so many first-time voters in the crowd. decidedly young. really skewed young. and skewed raucous. as you can see there. so many people celebrating outside of another important
8:02 am
address. 1600 pennsylvania avenue, as the moving vans will not be arriving. >> i would think it was skeweddown to be out at midnight on a cold night. i can't see a lot of 60-year-olds out there. maybe they were. at any rate, we have watched sasha and malia grow up in the white house. now, what's ahead for the obama girls as they head into their teenage years? we've heard from so many first siblings, whether it's the bush girls or amy carter. it can be tough growing up in the white house. they seem to have handled it with grace. we'll get more into that in a moment. >> they are delightful. also, eva longoria. she's one of hollywood's hottest stars and one of the president's biggest supporters. quite successfully, as well. we will talk to her, live, just ahead about how she celebrated the victory. >> fantastic. wait, there's more. how about kirstie alley? we all love kirstie alley. she sits down with barbara walters. she talks about surprising secret loves. and one of them, she says, was the greatest love of her life. >> who?
8:03 am
>> we're going to find that out. >> who was it, sam? >> ha, ha, ha. >> ha, ha, ha. >> it's on "gma." >> we can't tell you. >> a tease. we'll tell you the latest numbers from the electoral college. 303 for president obama. 206 for governor romney. there's one big state still out there, florida. that's 29 electoral votes. in the popular vote, president obama, over 59 million votes right now. a little over governor romney's 56 million, closer to 57 million right now. let's go to jake tapper in chicago. the president winning all those battlegrounds, as we said. a real vindication for his team's strategy. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. the campaign was a grueling grind. but after millions of dollars, thousands of events, hundreds of thousands of negative tv ads, it ended early in the morning with a mote of class and poetry. the president watched the votes
8:04 am
coming in in his hotel room. he received a phone call from mitt romney who wished him well. the president congratulated mr. romney on a hard-fought campaign. and then mr. romney spoke to his disappointed crowd in boston. president obama spoke to his excited crowd in chicago. what now? the president has extended an olive branch to the governor and the party on many, many big issues. let's get a report on the states out west from abbie boudreau. >> reporter: it was a sweeping victory for president obama out west. he won key battleground states for the second straight election. both candidates vying for votes up until the end. owe what ultimately pulled ahead for a win in two states. for young voters, latinos, and
8:05 am
women coming out in full force to cast their ballot. overnight, california governor's jerry brown's suggest tax measure is headed for approval. it will raise income taxes on those that earn more than $250,000 a year and will raise sales tax for all californians. otherwise, there would have been a direct hit on students. this message is his central focus since his election two years ago. also a vet to retain the death penalty in california. 13 prez ners on death row have been executed in the last 20 years. >> thank you, abbie. let's go to josh. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights in and out of new york and other cities as
8:06 am
many are now waiving fees for travelers who change plans. laguardia, remember, flooded by sandy last week. today's storm could in fact flood the airport again. sam will have an update. police in fresno, california, are trying to determine the motive for a deadly workplace shooting. they say that 42-year-old lawrence jones was in the middle of his shift at a meat processing plant, when he pulled out a handgun and fatally shot two of his co-workers at close range before wounding two others and then taking his own life. and in michigan, police have arrested the man they believe is behind a highway shooting spree. 24 shootings in the last three weeks alone. one driver was hurt. police say 1 tip out of nearly 3,000 that came in led them to the suspect's home. and in medical news, going bald and other signs of aging may be much more serious than we thought. they could, in fact, be tell-tale signs of heart disease. a new study found that people
8:07 am
are some 57% more likely to have a heart attack if they develop at least three of the following four signs of aging. baldness, a receding hairline, earlobe creases or fatty deposits around the eyes. researchers say checking for those signs of aging should be part of every doctor's physical exam. and finally a woman who is possibly the nation's bravest and most determined voter. 21-year-old galicia malone of chicago, was in labor. contractions just five minutes apart. but yesterday, instead of rushing to the hospital, she rushed to her polling place. it was her first chance to vote in the presidential election. she said she was not going to miss it for the world or a new arrival. plus, she says she wanted to set the right example for her new daughter, if only just. mother and daughter, resting comfortably this morning. >> please, tell me they let her go to the front of the line.
8:08 am
>> one would hope. >> because i could tell you, in my voting line, there were some sharp elbows. i went to throw away a coffee cup and some guy was, like, hey. i've been standing here for 45 minutes. >> we have to love the passion. everybody really wanting to get out there and vote. >> for sure. >> we love that. today, in honor of this day, forget "pop news." it's "prop news." >> oh. >> okay. >> in addition to voting for the candidates, there were several voter referendums on the ballots making news this morning. like california's prop 37. this has been dubbed the frankenfood prop, in which all genetically modified foods would have to be labeled in grocery stores. according to "the washington post," more than 88% of corn and soy grown in the u.s., this is slightly disturbing, is genetically modified in some way. >> i did not know that. >> hmm, really? >> consumer watchdog groups say californians deserve to know what they are eating. food companies and biotech firms
8:09 am
spent $44 million fighting the prop. right now, it's still too close to call. we'll let you know. another initiative had voters in colorado, oregon, and washington state to decide whether or not to legalize recreational use of marijuana, regulated by the state. those in favor said it would be taxable so the state government could make some money. many opponents argued it is a gateway drug and would lead to a host of problems. oregon voted it down. both colorado and washington passed the prop. the governor of colorado is not pleased. he said, and i quote, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug. so, don't break out the cheetos or goldfish too quickly. >> not medical marijuana? this is recreational use? >> this is recreational use. >> wow. >> i know medical -- >> angie, come on. angie's moving to colorado. >> okay. >> it's been a long night for the stage crew, too. and in arizona, everybody, here's another one. arizonans, is that correct? >> yeah.
8:10 am
>> they had to vote on an interesting question. who owns the grand canyon? the state or the federal government? and they decided, by a large margin, that being the landlord for more than 30 million acres might not be all it's cracked up to be. supporters felt if arizona had control of the land, it could lead to a large revenue stream from tourism. but voters overwhelmingly decided, let's leave it all to the federal government. yeah. honestly, this is an important piece of real estate. we have to keep it pristine. and finally, really quick. there was a measure, it was called measure 78 in washington, in which voters got to decide whether their state constitution could get a little makeover. the oregon constitution. did i say washington? the oregon constitution. it dates back to 1857. reportedly has misspellings, grammatical errors. also, back then only men were allowed to be secretary of state. with this measure, all references to that position will be gender-neutral. and it passed.
8:11 am
>> that is good news. i will say. for those ocds among us, terrific. >> it looks fresher and younger already. >> it sure does. a little nip/tuck never hurt anybody. >> by the way, lara, "prop news," very big. that was big. >> thank you. >> but clearly not big enough to be on the floor of the election set. ladies and gentlemen, take a look at what is. how about that? we're showing off on the weather board this morning. all of this, i'm very excited to show you at all the maps on this big, giant election floor. >> are you going to go stand over there? >> why do you have to show off, sam? my "prop news" didn't make the floor. >> we're going to start with the wind field here. even though this storm system stays offshore. take a look at what happens. follow the wind arrows. that's the wind direction. but also, look at the color. 30-mile-per-hour to 50-mile-per-hour winds are inland, later today to tomorrow morning. we have strong wind gusts in areas that have weakened trees, power outages. we're still looking at this to be a windstorm, even though we're talking about a lot of other effects, like the snow from the system. then, here's the good news on the board.
8:12 am
watch this warm air swing into the middle of the country. chicago, 62 by saturday. there may be thunderstorms involved in that. see that warm air? in the areas that get the nor'easter, that warm air moves in by the weekend. >> thanks goodness. >> we're back up to 60 degrees. >> by friday? >> saturday into sunday. >> the view here from montana has never looked so good. >> i like california. >> that's the big board on the floor. can we keep it, george? >> go talk to the boss. >> we thought you were the boss. >> today, you are.
8:13 am
>> election day set. graphics. fun. lara? >> thank you. now, i'll do "the morning menu," that has none of that. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." growing up in the white house. the next four years for sasha and malia, what will they look like? for those lovely young ladies. plus, behind the scenes on the campaign trail. the inside scoop from the producers who were there for every step of the election season. and kirstie alley revealing her surprising secret loves to our barbara walters. all that and more coming up next on "good morning america," live in times square. in times square.
8:14 am
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by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ back, now at 8:18. and the obama family has four more years to call the white house home. for sasha and malia, that means spending most of their teenaged years here. sharyn alfonsi who was covering wisconsin for us on election night, reports to us from milwaukee with the years ahead for the first family. it's hard to be a teenager, let
8:19 am
alone a teenager in the white house, sharyn. >> reporter: i know, you have to feel for them. throughout the campaign, we kept seeing the romney kids and the grandkids on the stage. we only got glimpses of sasha and malia. last night, they walk on the stage. and we all thought, they've gotten really big. they're 11 and 14 years old right now. you have to wonder how this morning they're feeling, knowing they have four more years in the white house. four more years as teenagers. overnight, once again, front and center. >> sasha and malia. before our very eyes, you're growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women, just like your mom. >> reporter: sasha and malia obama, older, more poised and taller than four years ago. >> hi, daddy. >> hey, sweetie. >> reporter: presidential daughters, rewarded for a grueling campaign, with a new dog. >> you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the white house. >> reporter: 7-year-old sasha
8:20 am
and 10-year-old malia obama's chicago world, uprooted. new home, new friends and a new school. >> i did worry what this life would be like for them. you know, could i keep them normal? could we instill in them the values that we learned growing up? humility and decency and treating people with respect. >> reporter: because of that, what we've seen has been carefully controlled by their parents. hoping to give them a regular childhood. >> they're very careful about what they say about the girls and do their best to shelter and protect them. >> reporter: so, we see them in glimpses. dad coaching sasha's basketball team. watching football. reading to children. >> you do not want to play. >> reporter: their first day of school. >> i know malia was really embarrassed when i walked her to classroom. but i went anyway because she is daddy's girl and will remain daddy's girl until she's about 30. >> reporter: that was malia then and now. she's 14. a teenager, nearly as tall as her mother. 11-year-old sasha, sprouting up, too. and that sums up the inauguration, on stage
8:21 am
overnight. >> i look at them in the same way and think, wow. you guys have grown up. and you're so poised. and you're so sweet. so, there's that motherly side of me. but it's still always a balance between protecting them. >> reporter: a balance that will only grow tougher as they grow. >> they have a regular life. they have friends and sleepovers. to them, it's home. >> reporter: by the end of this term, sasha will be 15, malia 18. those sleepovers, traded for college applications. they will have lived over half their lives in washington. >> they're smart and funny. but most of all, they're kind. >> reporter: now, there will be more milestones in that big, white house. like homecoming and learning to drive. >> i promised her that she will, in fact, be able to learn how to drive. >> reporter: there will be proms and graduations and even first dates. >> i have men with guns that
8:22 am
surround them, often. >> reporter: and the president was asked about that, about dating in an interview recently in new hampshire. and he said, there has been, quote, no official interest from the girls. at least that is the party line. lara? >> all right, sharyn. thank you so much. and president obama has had some serious star power supporting him on the campaign trail. one of his biggest backers was former "desperate housewife," and obama campaign co-chair eva longoria. she tweeted out this picture of her and her friends celebrating just hours ago. and she joins us on the phone. hi, eva. >> good morning. >> have you gone to sleep yet? >> barely. >> we all watched. you worked so hard for the president. how did you celebrate his victory? >> well, i was in tears, first of all. i thought it would be a longer night. so, we were prepared. and i was just in tears. and i was so excited because we
8:23 am
did work very hard for the campaign. but at the same time, it just showed that, you know, the middle-class, you know, won. and these super pacs didn't get to buy the election. they didn't get to buy america. and everybody showed up with their vote and said, no. and you know, we're going to continue to move forward. so, i was very excited. it was a huge night for a lot of people. it was a huge night for women. not only with the 19-point gender gap. but with 19 -- i think it's a record high of women in the senate. so, there's not gender parity. but there's a huge increase. it was a huge night for the lgbt who showed up for the president. and a huge night for latinos. and i was very happy to be a part of it. >> with your help, the latino vote overwhelmingly in favor of the president. but almost half the country didn't vote for him. how do you think he will fix that? >> yeah. i think we are the most diverse nation on earth.
8:24 am
and he got re-elected because of his policies that were reflected from everything that he's done in the first term. but it is time to, you know, shape the peace here in this country and to move forward. and to end the gridlock that we've been seeing in congress. and i think it's -- i love what he said last night about, it's not what can be done for us, but by us, referencing jfk. and so, i think this is the time. a lot of people in the down ballot, todd akin, mourdock, kind of her extreme -- i'm not saying they're extreme republicans. there's a lot of change that happened on that down ballot. hopefully that will help us in making progress. and hopefully, you know, the partisan politics will end and
8:25 am
he can get some more things done that he needs to get done. >> you worked so hard on the campaign trail, getting out that latino vote quite successfully. and the president, made no mistake about praising you. heaping on the praise. that's got to feel pretty special. >> i am very, very, you know, honored. i didn't do this as a celebrity. i think none of us did. we were doing it because we care deeply about this country. you know, and he's -- for me, there was just a very, very clear choice for the future that i want to see for this country. and i did it as my civic duty. and everybody should do it. the people that pounded the pavement, the people who picked up the phones, the volunteers, you know, everybody who went out and voted and waited for hours, which i'm very happy he mentioned in his speech, by the way, we have to fix that. i went to florida. i was there. and i saw the lines. and i said, this is ridiculous. i can't believe that this happens. we live here in california.
8:26 am
we just go down. it's about two minutes. so, to see those lines and to see people waiting in the cold and to see people who went through hurricane sandy and still made it to their polling sites, those are the people we have to thank. >> right. right. eva longoria, we thank you so much. i think we all hope and pray that his words come true. red states, blue states, from this point forth, we're the united states. thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you so much. and coming up on "good morning america," kirstie alley, opening up about her surprising secret loves. and we have much more from the campaign trail, all ahead on "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning turns out ranked choice tabulations will determine the race this district 5. the challenger has 28% of the vote leading the incumbent by eight points. she was appointed by mayor lee to finish out the term of ross mirkarimi when he was elected sheriff. she true criticism when she voted against removing him from office. eastbound 24 in orinda cleared of all lanes. westbound now jammed from 80 -- from 680, over30 minutes. three lanes in mountain view with accident southbound 280 larkspur in millbrae accident
8:28 am
blocking a lane of traffic there. ñsñsñ
8:29 am
welcome back. fog still a big story half mile visibility in santa rosa to a mile in napa, causing issues flight arrival delays into sfo temperatures that cooler than yesterday thrower to upper 50s we haven't moved this morning. by the afternoon we will, temperatures will be closer to average in the upper 60s
8:30 am
♪ it's a good morning the morning after election 2012. looking at the crowd out there in times square. it's cold out there. you see the hats and gloves and mittens. josh, you had that all night long last night. robin at home recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> those people do look a little chilly out there. >> i will say, i'm getting close to thawing. >> he had the patches, the hand warmers taped all over his body. >> it was cold. no two ways about it. coming up in a few minutes, kirstie alley's jaw-dropping reveal. the hollywood superstar says who was the love of her life. she'll be here in a few minutes, telling barbara walters all about that. nothing warms you up like some hot food. who's in the kitchen? we're going to look at some --
8:31 am
all this stuff for fall from her new cookbook coming up this morning. can't wait to thaw josh's hands. >> i blame you, sam, as always. >> i know you do. we don't want to waste one more minute for this big reveal from kirstie alley. she is opening up about all of her secret hollywood loves in her tell-all memoir, "the art of men." she sat down with barbara walters to talk about it. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: from "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> reporter: to a high-profile years-long battle with weight. kirstie alley is a woman who constantly reinvents herself. in her new book, "the art of men," she bears all, even reveals romances never talked about until now. she says she was in love with patrick swayze, even though she was married at the time to parker stevenson, of "hardy
8:32 am
boys" fame. kirstie met swayze on "north and south." you two fell in love. he wanted you to get divorced and marry him, for heavens sakes. >> we did fall in love with each other. >> reporter: but you did not divorce parker for patrick swayze? >> i probably was more willing to break up my marriage than i was willing to break up his marriage. >> reporter: her secret romances did not end there. >> we've known each other seconds. and i'm already tired of you. >> reporter: after her successful run on "cheers," kirstie signed on to do a movie with john travolta about a talking baby. i want to talk about another actor that you describe as the greatest love of your life, john travolta. >> john is the greatest love of my life. when i fell in love with john, when we were doing "look who's talking," believe me, it took everything that i had, inside,
8:33 am
outside, to not run off and marry john. and be with john for the rest of my life. >> reporter: why didn't you do it? he was single. >> because i feel like when you marry someone, you're supposed to work hard at it and you're supposed to make it work. >> reporter: kirstie and john never married. but they made two more hugely popular "look who's talking" movies together. this is a difficult question to ask. but as i talk to you, i can hear the viewers saying, you know, there's been these rumors that john travolta is gay. i love john travolta. i wish him only good things. how do you answer that? >> i know john with all my heart and soul. he's not gay. i think in some weird way in hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they're not out doing drugs and they're not womanizing, what do you say about them? i think people say that's the supreme insult, he's gay. >> reporter: and this year, for
8:34 am
the second time, she's competed on "dancing with the stars" all-star edition. >> oh, my goodness. you're a mad woman. and i love you for it. >> reporter: before you were on "dancing with the stars," you said you were broken. >> i did feel broken. when i gained weight the first time, and then, i lost the weight, i mean, that was okay. i gained it once. i lost it. and then, i gained it again. and i thought, oh, lord. is this going to be the pattern of the rest of my life? and that, right there, made me feel broken. maybe there were people that wanted to have sex with me. but i didn't want to have sex with them in that condition. >> okay. and kirstie's book "the art of men" is out today. you can see more of barbara's interview. let's get to sam champion with the weather. >> when kirstie lets it all out, she lets it all out. good morning, everybody. look at in crowd. just a little bit. just a little bit. look. i want everybody to get in. if you're standing out here this morning, i want you to be seen
8:35 am
on television with us. let's show you twitter and facebook pictures that everybody's been sending in from new york state. scarsdale, a little there. and arizona. it looks clear, doesn't it? ah. it's not warm in times square yet. here comes that big storm into the west. and what it does, it not only drops the temperatures on the west coast, from san francisco, l.a., salt lake city and denver. but it squeezes that warm air. we have lag time. but we have to get through the nor'easter. the nor'easter will have snow, in higher elevations. get a little elevation. you'll get more snow out of it. coastal areas will get a mix. by the time this thing pulls out, a lot of areas will pick up snow and take the snow levels down a little bit. we have a long day
8:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by devry university. now, back to -- >> george. >> thank you, guys. that's a great welcome. coming up, the best of the campaign trail like you haven't seen it before. all in just three minutes.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
what an election season it has been. so many unforgettable moments. right now, let's take a look at this marathon campaign, all wrapped up in just three minutes. >> it will be a -- >> we see two different paths -- >> paths for america. >> on this stage, the republican candidates for president. appearing together on the same stage for the first time. >> you agreed with president obama on libya or not? >> okay. libya. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. i can't. the third one, i can't. sorry. oops. >> rick, i'll tell you what. 10,000 bucks?
8:40 am
$10,000 bet? >> we're not going to beat barack obama with some guy who has swiss bank accounts. >> when they ask me who the president of uzbekistanstan, i'm going to say i don't know. >> any in the country. he is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> quit distorting my words. if i say it, it's [ bleep ]. >> campaign bombshell. the woman claiming to be herman ca cain's 13-year mistress speaks out overnight. >> i'm suspending my presidential campaign. >> the odds are very high i'm going to be the nominee. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> unchain wall street.
8:41 am
they're going to put you all back in chains. >> the private sector's doing fine. >> barack obama is still the same man i fell in love with all those years ago. >> i love you, women. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground. >> that's a bunch of malarkey. >> the 47% believe they are victims. >> what do you mean shutout? >> they brought us binders full of women. you'll get a chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. >> he did, in fact, call it an act of terrorism. >> can you say that louder, candy? >> i so wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes, to lead the country in a different direction. but the nation chose another leader. >> i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead.
8:42 am
>> great notes there. i had forgotten so many of those moments. herman cain. >> wow. that's right. >> can i get back to you on that? >> once upon a time, a lot of podiums on those stages. >> a lot of debates. >> the republican primary campaign seems like aeons ago. >> we've witnessed a lot of it. but there's two important people that have been crucial to our coverage on this campaign year. our off-air abc news reporters. you may not know we have those people. devin dwyer has been covering the president and joins us from chicago. and emily friedman, who spent 13 months on the road with governor romney, is in boston this morning. i want to welcome you both. you're awake? or never slept? i don't hear them. does anybody else hear them? i hope we can talk to you guys. can you hear us?
8:43 am
emily? can you hear us? >> lara, can you hear us? >> i have you on the start. >> we've been out here. okay. >> i want to ask you. you witnessed so much. i cannot even imagine we have the time, with the president. what's your favorite real moment? >> i think my most surreal moment of this campaign was covering president obama. the fund-raiser obama. he spent more time fund-raising than any president in american history. in fact, i covered more fund-raisers this year than political rallies. and some of the fund-raisers took us to pretty amazing places. we were in manhattan, inside sarah jessica parker's house in west side manhattan. one of my other favorite moments of the campaign was in tyler perry's mansion in atlanta. president obama stood before candlelight, speaking to none other than oprah winfrey, sitting at one of those tables. and he said, i'll never forget it. just like books and skin cream, if oprah likes you, other people like you, too. he was milking that hollywood
8:44 am
connection this campaign. >> devin, who wins? jay-z or bruce? >> gosh. i have to go bruce all the way. just some great hits. and a really strong ally of the president. need to see him unplugged and up close. >> i understand we have emily. and emily has been on the road with governor romney, now, for 13 months. emily, can you hear me? >> yes. >> share with us, if you will, something that we don't know. and we do now know a lot about his sandwich preferences. but something about governor romney that we didn't know. >> i think a lot of people don't realize he really does have a good sense of humor. we spent a lot of time crisscrossing the nation. we hit 45 states, 3 foreign countries. there's a lot of time with him. even up until the last minute last night, on his final flight back to boston, he was joking with us. we asked him, don't you regret not spending more time with us?
8:45 am
he sort of laughed and said, no. i might have a few more regrets. but he was in great spirits. and then turned around and said, you know what? i really thought these seats back here on this charter were a lot bigger for you. very clever. he had a good sense of humor about it. >> we created a pop quiz for you. are you feeling ready? >> let's do it. >> we start with emily. you spent 13 months on the road. how many hotels in that 13-month period have you stayed in? >> more than 200. and most of the time, a different one every night. >> i'm sure you will not miss that. devin, you've been traveling with the president since may of last year. how many miles in the air? >> my gosh, lara. we totaled it up, more than 75,000 miles. unfortunately, the white house press charter and air force one do not have frequent flyer miles. >> come on. >> that's not fair, devin. emily, in all the time, how many nights did you actually sleep in your own bed?
8:46 am
>> i think i can count them on two hands. probably eight or nine, in my own bed. >> in 13 months. >> i don't quite remember what the inside of my apartment looks like. >> i hope you both get a chance to take a breather. will you get time off? and will you miss this excitement? >> i will definitely miss it. >> i will, too. >> it's been a great experience. once in a lifetime. >> and devin? >> absolutely, lara. one of the great things is, president obama's going to continue, now. we've got a lot more to cover back in washington. we're headed that way this afternoon. >> we thank you. >> all of the work. >> you guys are our eyes and ears. we could not do it without them. and we thank you both, emily and devin. great job. and coming up here, carla hall, cooking up a post-elect
8:47 am
8:48 am
it's always so very nice to have our friend, carla hall,
8:49 am
here from "the chew," to get our day started. also, some big news this morning. congratulations to carla. you hogs over here. her first cookbook, "cooking with love," on sale now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to get to the food first. tell us about the book. >> it's sort of a food journal of my life. sunday suppers with my grandmother. catering, when i was modeling. you get to see my life through food. and there's tips, catering by carla. >> as a fan, dating back to "top chef," i love. it's a big, big part of your world. >> i want to hug you. >> it's so good. almost as good as that hug. what are we cooking here? >> we're cooking a rustic mushroom tart. this is going to be our base. ricotta cheese, and goat cheese.
8:50 am
>> your cheeses -- >> you can pick your cheeses. don't send me an e-mail saying i don't like goat cheese. you mix that up. you have a little bit of rosemary, pepper and some salt. you mix all that up. you get a really hot pan. you're going to use shiitakes, button mushrooms. we need a little bit of oil. >> i didn't want to say, carla. >> you didn't want to say. don't set me up. some butter. we like the taste of the butter. we want to raise the flash point. look at you. go ahead. your mushrooms going. >> you have to fake it like i know how to put on the shake. >> and leeks. and then, some garlic. the garlic goes in there. that gets nice and colorful. the thing is, when you're cooking mushrooms, don't start shaking the pan and up here because there's no heat. you want them to be down and get the favor to intensify. >> you cook them until this
8:51 am
point? >> until it's ready. i have my pastry. and the pastries is just a sandwich pastry. it's a really good recipe. take the cheese mixture. and spread it out like a pizza. but leave a two-inch border. >> there's math? i didn't realize there was math. here we go. here we go. what can go wrong? >> nothing can go wrong here. >> get over here. that's not two inches. >> it's so flaky and delicious. unbelievable. >> you know when it's good? when it's quiet down there. everybody's eating. >> let's pretend like it's all spread. >> you did well. you did well. so, spread that. >> do i get to fold it? >> you get to fold it. you're going to fold it like this. look at you. you are awesome. >> yeah, yeah. >> this cooks on a sheet pan with parchment paper for about 20 minutes. >> beautiful. >> and then, we finish with a
8:52 am
little bit of lemon. >> the lemon zest. >> it offers the brightness. and potatoes, onions, rutabaga. that's it. there's wonderful heartwarming recipes. >> i love this. you can see, there's a giant dent. >> is that you? >> uh-huh. >> as easy to make as this was. >> as easy to make. >> fantastic, again. gang, what do we say? voting? >> this is my first meal in two days. >> the electoral college has spoken. we can declare carla hall a clear winner. on "the chew," at 1:00 eastern on abc. the new book is out. "cooking with love." go grab it now. they're going like hotcakes. we'll be back. go nowhere.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you, carla hall. fantastic. it's so great. >> thank you. >> tomorrow, big "steals and deals." and neowill be here performing live on friday. >> george, great job. >> we'll see you guys tomorrow.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm
8:59 am
kristen sze. voters this california overcame decades of anti-tax sentiment and approved prop entirety. the plan to raise taxes to help rescue schools and avoid funding cuts passed by an eight point margin. it will hike income taxes on people earning more than $250,000 a year. going fog going to lift by the lunch hour. -- damage is done record highs over 10 to 15° cooler today, near 60 coast, mid 60s to mid 70s bay and inland. cooler tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms friday >> big story this morning eastbound 24 that accident cleared, westbound very slow from 680 towards the caldecott tunnel. drive times over 30 minutes to the caldecott tunnel from 680.

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